Dirk van der Kooij Bloown Chandelier


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The Bloown chandelier is a starry display of unlikely origin: reclaimed rooftop tiles, CDs, and chocolate moulds. In a merging of machine and hand, playful synthetic extrusions conjure blown glass and soft-serve ice cream.

A total of six vortexes serve to refract and diffuse light. Their individual dynamism is balanced by opposing modules: each axis supporting one pair. Set against a bespoke xyz tubular frame, the chandelier encourages distinct units to function as a whole. The result is a glasslike symphony.

Each coiled shell is illuminated by a single 4.2 Watt LED bulb. By way of a trailing edge, the bloown chandelier dims from cool and bright to a sleepy warm glow.

Extra information

Please note that the functioning of the dimmer and the power supply combination can never be predicted, and should always be tested in practice.


Steel fixture 
Reclaimed synthetic shells