Iris Nijenhuis The Superb | Double Layered & Reversible


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Neoprene/Spacer fabric, Washable & Lightweight

The technique of the IN PIECES collection is constantly evolving, therefore minor adjustments can be applied to ensure better design. Please feel free to give feedback on the wearability and durability of your piece.

Each puzzle piece in your design can be replaced!  All items have a ‘Free of charge repair’ warranty within 1 year


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SCUBA-SUEDE>Ocher flowers, SCUBA-SUEDE>Paeonia, SCUBA-SUEDE>Rusty Orange, SCUBA>Aril Yellow, SCUBA>Baboesjka, SCUBA>Cobra Art, SCUBA>Confetti, SCUBA>Dots, SCUBA>Kaleidoscope, SCUBA>Magnolia, SCUBA>Mermaid, SCUBA>Orange Flowers, SCUBA>Periwinkle, SCUBA>Purple Rain, SCUBA>Spring